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Sankarshan Das is a bona fide spiritual master who has been blessed with the formula for enabling everyone on this planet to attain perfect peace and happiness and for the entire world to become free from chaos. He has tens of thousands of students and disciples all over the world and represents an authorized disciplic line of spiritual masters which goes back for many thousands of years. 

A half a century ago after years of intensive struggle he was blessed with his realization of the highest truth, and he has thus fully dedicated his life for making this liberating knowledge freely available to the entire world.  His upcoming book “Conquer you Mind and Deliver the World” reveals the exciting and sometimes tortuous journey of his spiritual awakening as well as detailed instructions how his readers can achieve perfect peace and happiness within themselves and become empowered agents for blessing our greatly troubled planet earth with a new enlightened era of unparalleled peace, happiness, and prosperity.


Available for Interviews:
Sankarshan Das
Self Realization Guru with Tens of Thousands of Followers, 
Motivational Speaker Who Lectures All Over the World
 Author of  Upcoming Book: “Conquer Your Mind and Deliver the World.”
His Formula for Peace was Appreciated by President Obama

Sankarshan Das can explain:

  • The underlying cause and solution for all forms of disruption and turmoil
  • Why our modern day leaders are not qualified to lead us
  • The simple formula for achieving perfect happiness and peace of mind
  • What we can do right now to bring perfect peace between all nations
  • How to eliminate poverty, hunger, and disease all over the world


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